Energy assets for sale, used wind turbines, remanufactured wind turbines, coal-fired thermal power plant, combined cycle gas power plant
We provide circular economy solutions for the value recovery of your energy assets


We have a stock of used wind turbines from the repowering of wind farms and unused turbines from the secondary market

Our catalogue incorporates two types of energy generation assets: new second-hand assets and used assets

Assets mainly with wind source, wind turbines and auxiliary equipment. We might also offer photovoltaic assets using solar sources using an opportunistic approach with selected stock offers of photovoltaic panels and attached auxiliary equipment.

NEW SECOND HAND ASSETS – Not installed yet equipment (never used). Usually, it is due to failed projects not implemented for a wide range of different reasons

USED ASSETS – These were installed and have been in operation, but they are currently uninstalled and for sale



Deciding the sort of technology to be implemented in the projects will be the main choice that any investor will need to take when developing any generation project. Equipment is the main part of corporate finance investment in any generation project. By selecting the most suitable equipment the successful running of the project and reaching milestones and expectations will be more likely

The large and cumulative available information, adding new constant information may provide AN INFORMATION OVERLOAD* of variable quality, largely increasing the difficulty the adoption of the right decision by any investor, having to allocate sufficient time for analysis of such information. That can be time consuming and even burdensome when all the resources are not available, especially given the time pressures when adopting the right technological strategy.

REPOWERING SOLUTIONS offers a portfolio of solutions to help their clients to take the best possible decision in the choice and selection of the best generation equipment for their projects, within a wide range offer of ASSETS CATALOGUE, which is listed as follows.

Power Plant Equipment Valuation

  • On-site/desktop valuations of power plant equipment
  • Fair market valuation reports of power plant assets for Sale/Finance/Insurance
  • 175,000MW worldwide experience in fair market asset valuation
  • Surplus Power Plant Asset Marketing & Brokering

  • Targeted international marketing campaigns
  • Access to current power plant development projects
  • Over 100 enquiries per month from power plant equipment buyers
  • Growing network of over 40,000 potential buyers in 139 countries
  • Over US$200M in client assets sold
  • Sourcing and Purchase Services

  • Professional sourcing of equipment that is appropriate for its intended purpose relative to requirements of capacity, fuel, emissions etc.
  • Current database of over 6,500 available units
  • Including Gas/Steam Turbines, Diesel/Gas Engines, coal thermal plants etc.
  • Available equipment regularly updated, many of which are new/unused
  • Provision of emergency asset replacement, e.g. responding to catastrophic failure
  • Support in brokering fair market sale price of sourced assets
  • For more information on our services, experience and equipment, please contact us


    We analyze and recommend the best destination for your equipment or power plant. Deciding on their destination as soon as possible in the process, allows minimizing the associated costs and obtaining the highest possible profitability.
    GE LMS100PA

    We have one complete unit of GE LMS100PA, purchased in 2009, never installed. The equipments are in ad hoc warehouse complying with the manufacturer's storage and maintenance conditions


    Cogeneration plants and used engines

    We make a previous inventory of all the equipment that can be commercialized, making an initial appraisal. We obtain an initial valuation of the facilities taking into account the demand of the national and international market.

    We analyze and recommend the best destination for your equipment or power plant. Deciding on their destination as soon as possible in the process, allows to minimize the associated costs and obtain the highest possible profitability.

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