Asset Management
We provide circular economy solutions for the value recovery of your energy assets

Energy Asset Management & RecoveryWhat makes REPOWERING a leader in its sector?

REPOWERING provides Asset Management and Advisory Services to investors in the energy sector. Our understanding of energy in the countries where we are active, combined with our unique Engineering, Accounting, Legal and Advisory skillset are at investor’s service to create value through superior management. Our services provide assurance through timely, accurate and proactive reporting


Disassembling.Dismantling & disassembling of power plants.

REPOWERING is a company with almost 15 years of experience on the market in a number of energy plants providing innovative dismantling, industrial relocation and reassembly services.

Reutilización de activos

REEMPLOYMENTThe lifespan of the assets managed is 30+ years and REPOWERING believes that an Asset Management company must be designed and built to be stable in nature.

We investigate the best reemployment opportunities in secondary markets and find the most suitable for you.


REPOWERING SOLUTIONS is one of the most distinguished international operators in the worldwide secondary market of electricity generation assets. We offer to our clients a COMPLETE SOLUTIONS PORTFOLIO FOR RECOVERING VALUE on equipment for the generation of electricity.

REPOWERING SOLUTIONS is an INDEPENDENT COMPANY operating in the worldwide secondary market of electricity generation assets and equipment with a wide range of worldwide product manufacturers. Thus, we are not either directly or indirectly linked with any particular manufacturer.

Our MAIN CLIENTS are companies owning generation assets and other investment companies focusing in the development of electricity generation projects at the least cost, with greater efficiency and mitigating risks.

Our MAIN BUSINESS are thermic and renewable generation of new, stocked and used assets, being deemed for decommissioning, including any attached auxiliary equipment. Within renewable energy, our most relevant area of activity is the wind energy.


REPOWERING SOLUTIONS offers SOLUTIONS FOR RECOVERING OF VALUE for those owners of equipment of electric generation and second hand equipment (included new equipment of failing projects) deemed for decommission. We are doing this by positioning and marketing the sale of the equipment in the assets secondary market.

Direct reuse of assets

Direct sale of energy assets.

Reuse of parts of the assets

Sale of parts of the assets for new projects.

Recycling of the total or partial asset

Recycling of the whole asset or parts of it.

Environmental Recovery

Recovery of the area to its original state.

Waste reduction

We recover assets environmentally..

Reduction of CO2 emissions

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


Wind Retrofit

Wind Retrofit Increase production, reliability and lifetime of your wind turbine

Retrofitting of grid-connected wind turbines with stall and pitch control technology increases efficiency, reliability and enables compliance with grid code while increasing the operational life of the turbines

REPOWERING can improve the wind turbine production and increase reliability, leading to extended lifetime by using new components and technologies.

The technology used in the first wind turbines did not allow the maximum generation power to be achieved. Instead, today's optimized control and energy conversion systems are essential to achieve maximum production with high generation quality.

REPOWERING conditions (retrofit) old wind turbines with stall and pitch control technology turning them into full load turbines (variable speed), improving their efficiency and reliability while ensuring compliance with grid code and increasing their operating life..

Advantages of full load (variable speed) wind turbines

  • Significant increase in annual production (kWh)
  • Increased network code compliance avoiding penalties
  • Allows maximum variable speed to be achieved
  • Maximum production of reactive energy
  • Reduces mechanical stress on the turbine during voltage voids

  • Analysis, consulting, engineering, design and field implementation
  • Replacement of existing electrical components (capacitor banks, soft starters, etc.) with full load converter
  • Complete check of the generator and measurement of the winding resistances
  • Verification of the full load converter and generator assembly
  • Integration of the converter into the turbine control system
  • Assembly load test Full load converter and generator
  • Remote monitoring
  • Optional: System Monitoring System (CMS)
  • Optional: Web-SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System)

    REPOWERING implements the circular economy throughout the various stages of the energy´s plants life cycle, to transform end-to-life equipment’s and parts into a resource for the production and maintenance of energy plants, with a view to reducing its consumption of raw materials.

    The circular economy is based on a systemic vision inspired by the observation of nature. Nature produces no waste: everything is reused, composted and digested. Manufactured products too can be produced in a more energy-efficient way and brought back into the production process through repair, reuse or remanufacturing

    REPOWERING uses circular economy principles to reduce the use of raw materials, since it provides an economic model that reconciles prosperity and the preservation of finite natural resources



    REPOWERING is a company with almost 15 years of experience on the market in a number of energy plants providing innovative dismantling, industrial relocation and reassembly services.

    REPOWERING is now a global provider of world-class services in the field of dismantling, relocation and reassembly of entire energy plants.

    We don’t just dismantle things. We dismantle them circularly.

    Our circular dismantling process generates an exponential revenue compared to the traditional model. That is the reason our approach to dismantling is to focus on reemployment and reduce waste generation.


    We investigate the best reemployment opportunities in secondary markets and find the most suitable for you.


    We search for alternatives for those assets that cannot be reemployed and find the most beneficial solution for you and society.


    We manage waste and look for ways to reuse it in a sustainable way .


    We analyze the best way to dispose of those assets that cannot be recovered economically in order to minimize environmental impact.

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