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REPOWERING is a teams of wind energy professionals. From inspection to the sales of second-hand wind turbines. Besides we are specialized in the dismantling, refurbishment, installation and commissioning of your used wind turbine. REPOWERING will take care of everything.

For many turbines refurbishment is an appealing option as the investment would only be a fraction of the initial purchase price. After thorough refurbishment the turbine would function as good as new and will last for years.

Various types of refurbishment, including:

- The refurbishment of the entire wind turbine

- Gear housing refurbishment

- Main bearing refurbishment

- Generator refurbishment

- Blade refurbishment

- Supply new or used foundation anchors

- Replacing entire control systems

- Installation of Power converter systems



Choose REPOWERING technology as your trusted turbine retrofit partner. REPOWERING is leader in turbine retrofit technology

REPOWERING establishes long-term partnerships with turbine manufacturers, independent power producers and service providers and identifies the most optimal turbine retrofit solutions to upgrade existing turbines according to the stated market criteria. Whether the turbines are in the kW and MW class, we provide a new customised control system solution to secure the optimal energy production. With REPOWEWRING´s solutions, the upgraded turbines are provided with the main benefits; extended lifetime, increased energy production and maximum availability. Originally designed to last for 20 years, retrofitted turbines can stay in operation up to 20 years more.

All together these benefits lower the turbine operational costs and secure your investment.

REPOWERING is your partner in this path where we prepare, develop, implement, verify and support a new retrofit solution on any turbine from beginning to successful implementation.

Please contact us for more information about our measurement approach and what this can do for your decision and comfort in terms of selecting the right retrofit partner.



We analyze and recommend the best destination for your equipment or power plant. Deciding on their destination as soon as possible in the process, allows minimizing the associated costs and obtaining the highest possible profitability.

We have one complete unit of GE LMS100PA, purchased in 2009, never installed. The equipments are in ad hoc warehouse complying with the manufacturer's storage and maintenance conditions


Cogeneration plants and used engines

We make a previous inventory of all the equipment that can be commercialized, making an initial appraisal. We obtain an initial valuation of the facilities taking into account the demand of the national and international market.

We analyze and recommend the best destination for your equipment or power plant. Deciding on their destination as soon as possible in the process, allows to minimize the associated costs and obtain the highest possible profitability.

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