Energy asset sales: where are the value opportunities?
World energy asset transactions are ramping up. We explore the value opportunities around (1) gas-fired power assets and (2) Coal-fired energy assets and (3) Wind energy assets


REPOWERING implements the circular economy throughout the various stages of the energy´s plants life cycle, to transform end-to-life equipment’s and parts into a resource for the production and maintenance of energy plants, with a view to reducing its consumption of raw materials

The circular economy is based on a systemic vision inspired by the observation of nature. Nature produces no waste: everything is reused, composted and digested. Manufactured products too can be produced in a more energy-efficient way and brought back into the production process through repair, reuse or remanufacturing.

REPOWERING uses circular economy principles to reduce the use of raw materials, since it provides an economic model that reconciles prosperity and the preservation of finite natural resources.


Sale and relocation of redundant Energy Assets (Coal-fired Thermal Power Plant / Cogeneration power plant / Combined Cycle Power Plant ). Most of the leading utilities benefit from our experience, worldwide network and decades of relocation know-how.



REPOWERING is a company with almost 15 years of experience on the market in a number of energy plants providing innovative dismantling, industrial relocation and reassembly services. REPOWERING is now a global provider of world-class services in the field of dismantling, relocation and reassembly of entire energy plants

We don’t just dismantle things. We dismantle them circularly.

Our circular dismantling process generates an exponential revenue compared to the traditional model. That is the reason our approach to dismantling is to focus on reemployment and reduce waste generation.


We investigate the best reemployment opportunities in secondary markets and find the most suitable for you


We search for alternatives for those assets that cannot be reemployed and find the most beneficial solution for you and society.


We manage waste and look for ways to reuse it as fuel for your energy power plant


We analyze the best way to dispose of those assets that cannot be recovered economically in order to minimize environmental impact.


Deciding the sort of technology to be implemented in the projects will be the main choice that any investor will need to take when developing any generation project. Equipment is the main part of corporate finance investment in any generation project. By selecting the most suitable equipment the successful running of the project and reaching milestones and expectations will be more likely.

The large and cumulative available information, adding new constant information may provide AN INFORMATION OVERLOAD* of variable quality, largely increasing the difficulty the adoption of the right decision by any investor, having to allocate sufficient time for analysis of such information. That can be time consuming and even burdensome when all the resources are not available, especially given the time pressures when adopting the right technological strategy.

REPOWERING SOLUTIONS offers a portfolio of solutions to help their clients to take the best possible decision in the choice and selection of the best generation equipment for their projects, within a wide range offer of ASSETS CATALOGUE, which is listed as follows.



We are a consultancy that provides expert advice on value and risk in power markets. Our work is backed by industry experience..

REPOWERING provides senior consulting expertise on investment, value management and market analysis in power markets.

Our services are underpinned by extensive industry experience and a practical commercial understanding of energy assets & portfolios and the markets in which they operate

We provide commercial due diligence, transaction support & valuation analysis to support power.

We have a client base of some of the world’s leading private equity, infrastructure & sovereign wealth funds. We also work closely with energy companies and utilities on the development & acquisition of assets.

We are industry experts in the value recovery of power assets. This includes wind turbines, coal-fired thermal power plants, gas-fired power plants, cogeneration power plants and supply chain assets.

Our team has extensive senior industry expertise of power asset investment. So we provide clients with advice from the perspective of practical first hand experience.

Our investment services are underpinned by our leading edge asset valuation and market modelling capability. We apply sophisticated but transparent probabilistic techniques to analyse asset margin distributions and risk/return dynamics.

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